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Small Change Project

Small Change Project

Small Change Project is something we would love ICHS friends and families to get involved with. Here is a simple description of how the process works. Below is a link that you can sign up and designate ICHS as your charity of choice! Please pass this along to friends and family! 

Here’s how it works:

Our application allows your supporters (parents, grandparents, staff, alumni, friends) to enroll with the credit or debit card that they use for their everyday transactions…getting gas, buying groceries, grabbing a coffee at Starbucks..

They select your school’s Tuition Assistance Scholarship Fund in the application as the designated recipient of their gifting contributions.

Then, every time they use their enrolled card(s) we round up the amount to the nearest whole dollar and send the funds to your Tuition Assistance fund.

Your users don’t have to change anything about their spending habits.

They can “pause” their contributions any time they like, and re-start when they like.

There are no pre-loaded cards, nothing to carry around, no calls to get local stores to participate, no product sales to our families.